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7 exciting cleantech companies to watch

Standouts at Ecosummit 2016​

· Cleantech,Sustainability,Renewable Energy

Last week’s Ecosummit 2016 in London hosted young, driven cleantech companies from across Europe. Most deserved positive mention, but these seven are my 'must-watch' cleantech & eco-startups:

(1) Open Utility: a decentralising, P2P platform that would allow small-scale renewable power generators to sell their green power directly to customers.

(2) Exeger: fancy an iPad case that recharges your tablet using the indoor lighting at your office? Exeger is creating speciality dye-sensitized solar cells with exciting applications for powering consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and buildings.

(3) Ubitricity: Genius in its simplicity. Why build special, expensive EV recharging points when we could tap into existing on-street power supplies? Ubitricity’s solutions allow vehicle users to plug into existing sources like street lights. Meanwhile, Ubitricity facilitates accurate billing by providing power companies and local authorities with granular data detailing *when* a specific user plugs in and *how much* power they use. This solution could accelerate the widespread availability of public recharging facilities for EV users.

(4) GrowUp Urban Farms: Founder of the UK’s first aquaponic, vertical urban farm, Urban Farms is working to redefine our expectations of ‘local’ produce. GrowUp uses established farming practices to farm fish and vegetables year-round in an east London industrial warehouse. With its compelling local story and low environmental footprint, the GrowUp farms model to spread quickly!

(5) CoControl: There are many energy and environmental data management systems on the marketplace. CoControl — however — focuses on the social housing sector. This smart heating control system is built to ensure a warm home while sticking within residents’ limited budgets. A potentially major social innovation.

(6) Ooho!: If you're like me, you're constantly buying bottled water despite your guilt about using so much plastic. Ooho! wants to package water in an edible membrane created from seaweed that is naturally biodegradable. These water 'blobs' represent an exciting opportunity to transition away from plastic bottles.

(7) Upside Energy: Upside is building a virtual energy store. During periods when demand for electricity at its peak (e.g. cold winter evenings), Upside can soften the spike by paying individuals to abstain from using power. This technology could enable improved energy system efficiency. It could also act as a fascinating tool for public engagement in energy efficiency.

Background: Ecosummit is one of Europe’s leading smart green innovation and impact conference for startups, investors and corporates. These links offer further info on their events in Berlin, Amsterdam and London.

Disclaimer: As always, this is an opinion article. This is not investment advice and should not be used as such.

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