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Four takeaways from EMEX 2016

· Cleantech,energy,Renewable Energy

Today was Day 1 of the 2016 Energy Management Exhibition (EMEX) in London. Here's a quick recap of four highlights that could impact everyone:

(1) Decentralised peer-to-peer energy provision marches forward. Good Energy - partnered with Open Utility - announced the launch of its product Selectricity. The service enables a customer to purchase renewable electricity from specific generators. Communicated using a beautiful dashboard, customers will be able to (1) indicate which renewable sources they prefer, and (2) access detailed breakdowns of which generators were used at a given time. The service is only available to companies at this stage.

Selectricity can provide great feel-good stories by enabling companies to buy renewable energy from local generators (and the like). But it also offers a compelling vision of a much different energy system. A system that is decentralised, smarter, and more relationship-based.

(2) Smart meters are coming home! If you pay the bills, your energy company must offer you the opportunity to have a smart meter by 2020. Having a smart meter means:

  • You can monitor your household energy use in real-time, and 
  • Your energy provider can provide you with an accurate bill... no more pricey direct debits based on estimated consumption.

To get started, check out Smart Energy GB.

(3) Electric bikes are eligible for the cycle-to-work scheme. Old news to some: your company's Cycle-to-Work scheme will cover an 'electrically assisted pedal cycle'. If your cycle commute would cover a long distance or involve steep inclines, this tax break could be the enabler you're looking for!

(4) Self-parking cars. Automatic parking is here. Cars like a BMW i3 model on display today can park themselves. And that’s insane. Most of the driving populous will soon be able to stop fibbing about how amazing we are at parallel parking… though I’m great, obviously (awkward glance)…

Author’s note: as always, any companies mentioned in this article are purely referenced out of genuine interest. These references are neither paid insertions nor investment advice.

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