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Interview with Hazel Lewis on Water Saving Week 2018

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The UK actually has less available water per person than most other European countries... London's drier than Istanbul... - Hazel Lewis

Hazel Lewis (@uk_hlewis) is a Water Efficiency Research Specialist at Waterwise. She works on projects that encourage us to use water more efficiently, and she's also spearheading Water Saving Week 2018. On today's interview, we break down a mindful, water-aware day.

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Show Notes

00:54 - Intro to Water Saving Week 2018

02:25 - Defining the problem

A Water-Aware Day

03:55 - Showering

05:05 - Requesting free water-saving devices

05:55 - Using the toilet

07:03 - Hot water for coffee or tea

07:28 - Teeth-brushing

08:25 - Water saving at work

09:57 - Water footprint of the products we buy and shopping

11:05 - Getting water out-and-about without using bottled water

12:37 - Cooking dinner and washing dishes

13:53 - Doing the laundry

15:03 - Looking after the garden


17:22 - Water saving AOBs

18:10 - Getting involved with Water Saving Week

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